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Changing Room Furniture

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Cubicles and
partition walls

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Swimming pool

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Canteen and Community

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and seating


We fit changing rooms, accessorise swimming pools, install grandstands and much more.

Precursors of innovations, ideas, know-how acquired in the field, interest in research, attention to design and aesthetics, always looking to the future, listening to customers, their requests, needs, and an obsession for detail.

Patentverwag is this and much more.It has always designed and produced practical solutions to install grandstands and fit changing rooms for leisure centres, swimming pools, companies, schools, hotels and healthcare settings.

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Our sectors

Patentverwag furnishing solutions suit  a wide variety of companies ranging from food to pharmaceuticals, leisure centres, swimming pools, hospitals, Spas, nursery schools, universities, theatres, stadiums, libraries and any community spaces.

Changing room lockers, benches, swimming pool accessories, doors and partitions, canteen furnishings, grandstands, seating, stadium seats, a wide range of products that can be customised in size and colour, able to respond to the demands of the world of sport, businesses, healthcare and schools.

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Swimming pools

Gli armadietti da palestra Patentverwag


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Spa & Wellness



Why choose Patentverwag?

Total quality, unique and distinctive

50 years' Experience

We have been on the market, accessorised swimming pools, installed grandstand seating and furnished changing rooms for 50 years. We always make our vast experience and skills acquired in the field available to our customer-partners to reassure them and guarantee supplies now and in the future.

Top Quality

Our success can be measured by our customers' satisfaction, all thanks to our quality assurance system and our truly unique, bespoke solutions, which stand out not only for being functional, practical and indispensable, but also for their design and aesthetic qualities.


Patentverwag has always believed in its corporate processes, which have led it towards a quality assurance system that aims at continually improving internal processes and providing complete customer satisfaction.  The answer to this goal is the ISO 9001:2015 certification we first achieved in 2001.

Particolare di antine in HPL
HPL Products

Over 40 years ago, Patentverwag was the first to introduce the production of changing room lockers made of HPL sheets. An exceptional material that combines aesthetic and functional qualities with being hardwearing and temperature and humidity resistant.

The HPL sheet is an ideal material to manufacture self-bearing furnishing systems, as it is hygienic and practical for cleaning.

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