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Patentverwag since 1971

A story of success

Founded in 1971 by Architect Ettore Agosti, Patentverwag Italia began business by manufacturing padded, self-extinguishing VIP chairs for theatres and cinemas. Success was immediate!

The design, the details and above all the self-extinguishing properties of the chairs, made of wood at the time, enabled Patentverwag to become a key player on the market.

With its extensive knowledge of materials, especially plastics, Patentverwag focused its project design and internal production almost immediately on proposals for the sports sector. Seats for spectator terraces in stadiums, indoor stadiums, large gyms and swimming pools, which were then followed by telescopic grandstands with completely motorised installation mechanisms.

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Years in


Swimming pools


Changing room lockers manufactured


Telescopic grandstands


Fixed grandstands


Swimming pool accessories: the story continues

Patentverwag has moved with dedication, long-sightedness and vision to new sectors, such as poolside accessories and furnishings, in a very short time.

Where did the idea spring from? The production of plastic grating for the channels around the edge of swimming pools. Where did it lead to? The company’s success continued and allowed us to develop all poolside accessories and take a look at fittings for swimming pool changing rooms.

Patentverwag’s great business acumen already ensured its leadership on the market 50 years ago: the first to design and manufacture Changing Room Lockers using HPL, a material that replaced wood and iron for its resistance in critical environments where chlorine and humidity reign supreme.

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Changing room lockers: the full story

Way back in the early 90s,  Patentverwag’s acquired skills and know-how, its desire to look ahead and its knife-edge ideas forced it to complete its offer with the internal design and manufacture of all the specific fittings for company changing rooms, especially for those in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including many other sectors.

Changing room cupboards and lockers, partition walls and shower and WC cubicles. A complete line of products and solutions in tune with the times, using the most innovative materials. Elegant, aesthetically engaging, brightly coloured, user-friendly solutions designed to satisfy ever-changing tastes.

Today, Patentverwag is the key player on the market. The fact that major brands have chosen and continue to choose Patentverwag as their partner, is a measure of the great success of its corporate total quality, which includes project design, manufacture,  pre- and post-sales service.

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Why choose Patentverwag?

Total quality, unique and distinctive

50 years' Experience

We have been on the market, accessorised swimming pools, installed grandstand seating and furnished changing rooms for 50 years. We always make our vast experience and skills acquired in the field available to our customer-partners to reassure them and guarantee supplies now and in the future.

Top Quality

Our success can be measured by our customers' satisfaction, all thanks to our quality assurance system and our truly unique, bespoke solutions, which stand out not only for being functional, practical and indispensable, but also for their design and aesthetic qualities.


Patentverwag has always believed in its corporate processes, which have led it towards a quality assurance system that aims at continually improving internal processes and providing complete customer satisfaction.  The answer to this goal is the ISO 9001:2015 certification we first achieved in 2001.

Particolare di antine in HPL
HPL Products

Over 40 years ago, Patentverwag was the first to introduce the production of changing room lockers made of HPL sheets. An exceptional material that combines aesthetic and functional qualities with being hardwearing and temperature and humidity resistant.

The HPL sheet is an ideal material to manufacture self-bearing furnishing systems, as it is hygienic and practical for cleaning.

Contact us for further information or to Request a quote

If you have to fit out a changing room or a canteen, install a grandstand with shell seats or chairs, equip a swimming pool with a whole series of accessories, get in touch with Patentverwag and we will quickly respond to your request.