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Dressing room: how to furnish the most underrated corner of your sports center

Raise your hand how many of you, after a hard training session, ask only for a moment of healthy relaxation in a clean, well-kept environment equipped with all the comforts a person needs.
Yet in many gyms, sports centers and football fields the changing room is often considered a makeshift, a forgotten corner (present only by law) with structures that are often not functional and worse preserved.
Thinking that not impossible figures would be enough to modernize three or four indispensable elements and drastically improve the situation, but most of the time the investments are on the contrary reserved for the fleet of machines or the restyling of the reception, with the paradox of having double or triple versions of the same tool and a dressing room never up to par.

If you do not want to deny the right comfort to your customers, then take a look at the essential elements for a pleasant, modern and functional dressing room.


The four essential elements to furnish a dressing room



Perhaps the most underrated of the locker room furniture items, wardrobes are actually essential for almost all sports.
Available in various sizes, with a variable number of doors and shelves, the cabinets also have different types of closure, with padlock, electronic or manual combination locks.
It is also important to check that the materials used are of good quality, long-lasting and above all in compliance with the law. The perfect choice? Bet on a laminate HPL and with a slightly higher investment you will have a material that is as pleasant as it is durable.



The benches are the basic element for sitting and changing, but also for placing backpacks and bags while waiting to be stored in the lockers.
This is why it is essential that they are as spacious as they are comfortable, with a design designed to increase the seat as much as possible and minimize the overall dimensions, so as to always leave an excellent space on the ground and an airy changing room.
Even the benches can be equipped with various accessories such as integrated coat hanger and single or double padded seat, with standard and anatomical models.
Also available in customized sizes, they are also available in HPL material.


Shower dividers

Constantly exposed to water, humidity and solvents, shower partitions are probably among the elements most subject to wear and tear in the entire furniture park of a changing room.
For this reason, it is essential that the materials used are of good quality, so as to ensure not only greater durability over time, but above all constant cleanliness and hygiene in the shower area of the changing room.
In fact, there is nothing worse than dirty elements and a poor sense of cleanliness to literally make customers run away from a sports facility, and that is why shower partitions should never be forgotten when thinking about ideal solutions for furnishing. your own dressing room.



In some structures, especially in the swimming pools or in the wellness area, they are practically essential elements of the furnishings.
Also in this case it is essential that the materials used are of good quality: doors and hinges are in fact stressed very often during the day, and the cheaper models could present an advantageous price, but with a duration that is not as convenient.
For these elements, the aesthetic aspect is also of particular interest: in fact, being of generous dimensions and more generally voluminous elements, they will almost always have a strong impact on the overall view.
But don’t despair: the latest models have a particularly refined design that will add a touch of class to your dressing room.


Changing room furniture: a final tip

We have seen all the most important elements for furnishing a dressing room.
The most recent elements are a combination of design and latest generation materials that guarantee excellent performance over time, but don’t forget a basic rule: without proper maintenance, even the most effective model will sooner or later go against some problem.
So always take a look at the state of your wardrobes, benches, shower cubicles and partitions: their durability will thank you.