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Do you want to furnish a
canteen with practical,
multifunctional solutions?

Choose Patentverwag quality!

Patentverwag is your ideal partner to guarantee advice and support and products manufactured ad hoc for company utility areas, healthcare and sports facility canteens. Canteen and community furnishings consisting of canteen monobloc units, easy-to-clean, practical tables and chairs for specific venues.

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Canteen Monobloc Tables
Canteen and Community Tables

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    Canteen Monobloc Tables

    If you need a catering utility area furnished in an orderly, practical way, then Patentverwag canteen monobloc tables are just the answer.

    Patentverwag canteen and community monobloc tables are essential pieces of furniture. However, they are above all practical to maintain and make it easy to clean them and the floor underneath.

    The Extra canteen monobloc table  is the best available on today’s market. The materials used are superior quality and care has been taken over the finest details of the design.

    The TRE/X chair shells are exceptionally robust without any areas for dirt and dust to collect.

    The table top is made of solid grade HPL sheet, a practically indestructible, self-extinguishing, class 1 material, completely water and humidity-proof and easily cleaned.

    The load bearing structure is made of epoxy resin painted steel.

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    Canteen and Community Chairs

    In order to gurantee its customers’ canteen areas are completely furnished, Patentverwag has also designed and manufactured two alternative lines of canteen chairs. The TRE/X line is not only an economic version, it is also highly resistant, easy-to-clean and with good aesthetic qualities. The EXPO canteen chair line is more comfortable and sophisticated. They can easily be stacked to give a more rational use of the space and facilitate floor cleaning.

    Both lines are manufactured by polypropylene injection in a single piece with special rubber finishes to give an anti-slip effect. There are 4 basic colours available: red, blue, green and white. However, they can also be manufactured in a specific colour on request.

    Some of our solutions

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    Why choose Patentverwag Canteen and Community Furnishings?

    A complete range

    If you want to furnish an entire canteen space, Patentverwag will certainly offer you the widest, most complete choice of products: Canteen Monobloc, 3 types of canteen tables, made of painted steel, anodised aluminium and stainless steel, in different sizes and colours, all with a solid grade laminate top.  Two lines of chairs are also availble in different colours.

    Totally hygienic

    If you choose Patentverwag canteen monoblocs, tables and chairs, you know you will get a perfectly hygienic solution. The diificult areas to reach of the various pieces have been eliminated and they are made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, solid grade laminate and steel.

    Comfortable and practical

    Patentverwag proposals to furnish catering spaces with canteen tables, monoblocs and chairs have all been designed to be both practical in their setting and above all comfortable. When the user leaves a catering area furnished by Patentverwag, he cannot fail to feel content.

    Global assistance

    Patentverwag definitely gives you peace of mind in having found a firm that listens to its customers, responds promptly to requests, reliably provides the best advice depending on your requirements and scrupulously guarantees prompt deliveries.

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