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Do you want to fit out a
changing room with elegant,
comfortable and practical solutions?

Choose Patentverwag quality!

Patentverwag is your ideal partner, a leader that can guarantee you receive advice, bespoke project design and a wide range of fittings for your changing room: lockers, benches, shower-WC cubicles, manufactured using certified materials. This equipment is ideal for those who wish to fit out a changing room for the sports sector, businesses, hospitals, schools and for the world of Spas & Wellness.

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Changing Room Lockers
Changing Room Benches
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Various Changing Room Furnishings

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    Changing room lockers

    Patentverwag has designed and produced numerous lines of changing room lockers to guarantee the best, most aesthetically pleasing, practical solutions. Whether it’s for a gym, a swimming pool, a hospital, a leisure centre, a business, a Spa & Wellness centre, or a school, Patentverwag has the changing room locker to meet your requirements and fit in perfectly with its surroundings.

    Each Patentverwag changing room locker is made of HPL sheet with 15/100 anodised aluminium and stainless steel frame sections. These materials are the most highly resistant to humidity, chemicals and steam. Materials that guarantee a long lifespan, as they can withstand constant cleaning with detergents, disinfectants and water-steam jets. The different models of Patentverwag changing room lockers vary in door thickness and feature a wide range of colours and different locking systems.

    Discover some of our Changing Room Lockers

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    Changing Room Benches

    The different types of Patentverwag changing room benches are designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements.  Our lines stand out for being robust, aesthetically well-designed, modular/fully fitted and safe.

    All the materials of anodised aluminium, HPL sheet, stainless steel and nylon used to produce our changing room benches are certified, rust-proof, self-extinguishing and easy to clean and disinfect. We have a line for every possible need.

    Ergonomic changing room benches designed for maximum comfort, changing room benches made of coloured laminate, Light changing room benches to restrict costs or changing room benches made of HPL sheet to furnish Wellbeing Centres, Golf Clubs and first class Gyms.

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    Changing room shower/WC Cubicles and Doors

    To guarantee customers get a fully equipped changing room, Patentverwag also provides practical solutions for utility areas. Complex spaces managed by partitions to divide the areas where we install changing room shower cubicles and changing room cubicles. The key players are always the materials we use for the various parts in solid grade HPL, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and nylon.

    Rust-proof, self-extinguishing, water, detergent and steam-resistant materials. The panels are raised above the floor level on natural, extruded, anodised ALUMINIUM and Nylon feet to ensure perfect hygiene.

    The doors, partitions, WC cubicles, changing room shower cubicles and wash basin tops have the same finishes as the changing room lockers and benches.  What’s the end result? Integrated colour and aesthetic tones and a well-balanced ambience.

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    Various Changing room fittings

    Patentverwag aims to provide its customers with a global service by designing and manufacturing a complete series of essential equipment to complete its furnishings and fittings for changing rooms, reception and utility areas.  Gyms, sports, company and hospital changing rooms are all guarnteed to function perfectly. Anti-drip/Anti-slip mats, cleaning product cupboards, wash basin tops, sick-bay fittings, access control and security safe boxes. The security safe box is undoubtedly a key product.

    This is also made of solid, aesthetically pleasing, anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate and nylon and steals the show. The locks are burglar-proof.

    The range of access control equipment is based on various models for every requirement. Sick-bay fittings include medical examination tables, medicine cabinets, waste bins, scales with altimeter, stretcher carriers and various types of chairs and tables.

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    Why choose Patentverwag
    changing room fittings?

    A complete range

    You are certain to find everything you need to fit out your changing room with Patentverwag’s complete, extensive range of products: changing room lockers and benches, partitions, shower-WC cubicles, wash basin tops, anti-drip/anti-slip mats, cleaning product cupboards, sick-bay equipment, access control and security safe boxes.

    Top quality materials

    Whoever chooses Patentverwag solutions is sure to get top quality, certified products, such as HPL sheet, anodised aluminium alloys, stainless steel and thermoplastics, including nylon 6 and fibreglass-reinforced PVC. Materials that are known for being self-extinguishing and humidity and chemical resistant.

    Sophisticated design

    All Patentverwag proposals for changing room lockers and benches, doors, partitions, shower-WC cubicles, etc. are not only resistant and practical, they are also designed down to the very last detail to enhance their aesthetic quality and allows them to fit in with the surrounding style and venue.

    Global assistance

    When you turn to Patentverwag, you have the peace of mind of having found a firm that listens to its customers, responds promptly to your requests, will reliably provide you with the best project design for your requirements and scrupulously guarantee on-site assistance: prompt shipment and assembly as well as continual post-sales assistance.

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