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Changing Room Door

Patentverwag manufactures changing room doors where functionality and style go hand in hand. Choose the design which best suits your needs and complement your lockers with doors that perfectly blend aesthetics and efficiency.

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Minimal and innovative changing room door designs

Industrial locker rooms usually require a modern design for their doors. This is not just a matter of aesthetics, but it also entails a great deal of practicality, which is always valued in such contexts.

A minimalist design is usually characterised by clean and geometrical lines and an uncluttered look. These features reduce all kinds of distraction by creating a functional, yet appealing environment.

Patentverwag, with its contemporary changing room doors design, could not emphasise enough the consistent prioritisation of usability and security. These goals are achieved thanks to advanced locking mechanisms that are, thus, accessible and easy-to-use.

Another important feature that should be always taken into consideration is related to standard doors’ locker rooms dimensions. In fact, their design should accommodate a vast array of needs as well as allowing the personnel to move smoothly in the changing room. For this reason, Patentverwag manufactures doors with a height of210 cm.

The characteristics of a good locker room door

A changing room door is much more than an entryway. It’s a crucial element of the whole locker room environment, and it defines the aesthetic and functionality of this space.

These are the characteristics that a good door should always feature.

  • Resistance to frequent water and steam sanitization procedures, as well as to corrosive chemicals and high-humidity. Therefore, the Patentverwag changing room door solutions are made in solid grade HPL sheet and display an anodised aluminium frame, whilst the springs are in stainless steel.
  • Durability is an integral part of a well-crafted locker room. In fact, it should be wear and tear resistant whilst maintaining all its aesthetic appeal.
  • The privacy of the overall environment should be preserved. Consequently, a good changing room door should feature a reliable locker mechanism, be silent and operate smoothly as well as maintain its accessibility unaltered.
  • Aesthetics should not be compromised for functionality. The ambiance of the locker room should be complemented with a modern design which seamlessly integrates in the environment, offering an appealing and relaxing user experience.

Choose Patentverwag for your changing room door projects

Patentverwag is a leading company in the design and manufacture of changing room doors. Top-tier materials, tasteful designs and innovation are the pillars of our commitment to creating solutions that stand out for their unique requirements.

Patentverwag currently offers two locker room models:

  • K-Changing Room Door is a sleek-lined door conceived to stand the test of time. It’s the ideal choice for crowded industrial spaces.
  • Bommer Door is where strength and elegance meet. Beyond an appealing design, this solution is extremely solid, enduring frequent use and cleaning treatments without losing its appearance.

Choosing Patentverwag gives you the opportunity to customise your project in order to achieve the perfect, tailor-made output for your changing room door.