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Double Locker

Patentverwag manufactures double lockers for the fitness, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Our products seamlessly integrate into changing room environments, creating a relaxing and aesthetically flawless space.

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What Is The Purpose of a Clean/Dirty Divider?

Common areas in workplaces are undergoing a change in configuration. Locker rooms, in particular, have embraced a minimalist aesthetic with geometric lines, focusing on organisation, functionality, and efficiency.

Those who use these environments feel relaxed thanks to solutions that make the most out of the available space and maintain high hygiene standards. We are talking about double lockers which, with an internal clean/dirty divider, allow for the orderly storage of personal belongings (including bulky items), ensuring perfect separation on every occasion.

This feature is essential for keeping clean garments separate from those to be washed, preventing contamination and protecting the health of people who use lockers daily.

The Standard Dimensions of a Double Locker

Every space has its unique characteristics in terms of square metres and room height. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully choose the furniture that best fits the locker room context. In this way, it will be possible to achieve a bright, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Thus, double lockers emerge as a versatile and adaptable solution dimension-wise.

Generally, Patentverwag offers lockers with:

  • a panel height of 150 cm and an overall wardrobe height of 201 or 224 cm, depending on the requirements;
  • a compartment width of 32.5 or 43 cm;
  • a depth of 33 + 48 cm.

These sizes enhance the comfortable accommodation of sports bags, clothing, shoes, and personal effects of all kinds, while maintaining a compact footprint. There is also the opportunity to choose a model with a 20 cm rise for a more slender and elegant locker.

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Choose Patentverwag Double Lockers for Your Changing Room

Are you searching for a partner to create a customised locker room? Rely on the experience of Patentverwag. Since 1971, we have committed to creating pleasant, organised, and tailor-made environments.

Our double lockers are designed to deliver a product that combines design with functionality, thanks to a sturdy HPL structure which ensures the stability of the wardrobe. Furthermore, the inclusion of a clean/dirty divider addresses everyday hygiene issues by preventing internal contamination between pieces of clothing and allowing a deep sanitisation of surfaces on a daily basis.

Patentverwag has also patented the Nebula Suite technology for some of its products. This system ensures the decontamination of spaces, lockers, and garments through continuous sanitising action. The result is a healthier changing room with reduced cleaning costs, guaranteeing a more ethical corporate image.

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