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Locker Room Benches

Compact, modular, comfortable: discover the practicality of Patentverwag’s locker room benches. Choose the durability of HPL laminate and customise your gym with an original and functional piece of furniture.

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Wooden or aluminium locker room bench?

A locker room is composed of several elements that contribute to setting a welcoming environment. In this regard, the choice of materials for lockers as well as benches is crucial to create an atmosphere that meets the needs of those who will use these spaces.

For the construction of locker room benches, two main materials are primarily used: wood and aluminium, each offering a range of benefits.

Wooden benches, with their warm colours and traditional shapes, add a touch of authenticity to any environment. They guarantee:

  • Robustness and stability;
  • Durability, even under intensive use conditions;
  • A modern aesthetic through the combination with metallic materials;
  • Increased resistance to humidity and wear in environments such as pools and gyms, thanks to the use of special varnishes.

Aluminium benches, on the other hand, offer a more minimalist aesthetic, in addition to being functional. This metal is particularly lightweight, making the locker room benches easier to move for reorganising spaces. Moreover, this is a material with anti-corrosive properties and good resistance to humidity. Another key feature is the ease of cleaning aluminium, ensuring high hygienic standards.

Innovation has always distinguished Patentverwag. That's why our locker room benches are made of HPL laminate in steel and nylon, reinforced with stainless materials like anodized aluminium to ensure the durability of the structure in any context.

Which is the right size for a locker room bench?

The perfect locker room bench is not just a blend of functionality and design; it must also meet specific size criteria. As a matter of fact, it should not occupy too much space within the locker room. Therefore, evaluations must be made not only on the size of the space,but also on the number of people who will use it.

Overall, a locker room bench should have:

  • A height between 40 and 50 cm, ensuring maximum seating comfort;
  • A width between 30 and 40 cm;
  • A length of 1 m, while benches in larger and more crowded locker rooms can be up to 2 m long to accommodate more people.

An important aspect to consider is the space between benches, which should allow easy passage without hindering movement. For locker rooms requiring compact structures, options to add coat hooks or storage compartments underneath for shoes are available.

The best gym locker room benches


For over 50 years, Patentverwag has been designing and creating gym locker room benches that combine compactness with design. Our solutions are crafted to seamlessly integrate into frequently used environments without occupying excessive space, ensuring easy use of the locker room at all times.

The benches from our Wellness line add a touch of colour to the entire decor with a laminate insert that can be adapted based on the colour palette of the environment in which it will be installed. The triple slat seat makes the structure particularly comfortable and load-resistant, thanks to ribbed aluminium profiles and the inherent robustness of the HPL laminate used for the entire structure.

Coat hooks, bag holders, and shoe racks are modular, allowing for a free composition of the locker bench based on the needs of the environment in which it will be located. Additionally, the materials are fireproof and hypoallergenic to ensure maximum safety in every context.


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