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Changing Room Furniture

If you are looking for functional and resistant changing room furniture, discover the broad range of solutions by Patentverwag.

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Sports changing room furniture


When it comes to finding the most functional furniture for sports changing rooms, one of the core aspects is durability.

For this reason, Patentverwag solutions are crafted not only considering external factors, such as humidity and steam, but also taking into account the hygienic needs of the furniture. Thanks to the materials used, they are resistant to continuous and repeated cleaning with detergents and disinfectants, ensuring high hygienic standards.

Our changing room furniture for sports is versatile and functional, suitable for accommodating backpacks and sports bags through clever use of the available space.

Finally, each locker can feature a standard lock (key or padlock) or an optional one (mechanical or electronic combination lock) to ensure maximum security in every context.

Patentverwag locker room furniture models for the industrial sector

When selecting locker room furniture for an industrial setting, it is crucial to delve into the specifications of each model.

Among the variety of lockers offered by Patentverwag, emerge two furnishing items.

  • The A150IP industrial is a locker with an aluminium slatted bench. The extreme resistance, and high hygiene standards make this model ideal for pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and Residential Care Homes. You can choose between standard locks (key or padlock) or optional locks (mechanical or electronic combination, with chip/coin) to ensure the full safety of this locker room furniture.
  • The A300 is a locker room piece of furniture perfect for storing helmets and bags. They can adapt to the most diverse environments – from sports centres to schools. The structure is made of HPL sheet with anodised aluminium supports for unparalleled durability.


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Changing room furniture applications

Sports facilities

Sports facilities are places where attention must always be paid not only to the compactness and functionality of changing room furniture, but also to the comfort and aesthetics of lockers.

For this reason, Patentverwag offers a range of dedicated solutions, designed to meet the needs of athletes going to gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, and football fields.

  • Our changing room furniture for sports facilities ensures high-quality standards by offering a wide selection of materials, colours, and locks, guaranteeing that the structure perfectly integrates with various environments.
  • Patentverwag's lockers are made from layered HPL laminate with profiles in 15/100 mm anodised aluminium and stainless steel to make them even more resistant and durable.
  • From the varied door thicknesses to the choice of the lock model: everything is designed to provide practical and modern changing room furniture, for better organisation of spaces.


Football changing room furniture



After an intense football training session, it is essential to take a moment to relax in a welcoming and clean environment.

Changing rooms play a crucial role in personal well-being and, as such, must be furnished considering the needs of people using these spaces.

To create a healthy, and “footballer-friendly” setting, Patentverwag has invented Nebula Suite. This decontaminating system ensures perfect hygiene, not just of the lockers, but also of their contents and the changing room environment.

This technology ensures deep sanitisation, capable of eliminating germs and bacteria 24/7.


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