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Toilet Partition

A toilet partition is a fundamental element of your changing washroom, and it deserves to be valued with a carefully designed solution. Aesthetics and comfort are combined in Patentverwag walls to provide you with the privacy you need.

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Our Toilet Partition Walls Are Made in HPL

At the heart of our toilet partition walls lies the extraordinary resistance of a fine material, the High Pressure Laminate. Crafted with variable thicknesses to perfectly fit every washroom, the HPL sheets selected by Patentverwag are B-s1 certified, guaranteeing excellent standards in terms of fire safety.

Another important feature of our products is the high level of hygiene, this metal can ensure to every common space in your changing rooms. In fact, these toilet partitions can be sanitised with water, steam, and a wide range of detergents. This ensures the optimal maintenance of these elements and their durability over the years.

Furthermore, our toilet partition can be elevated from the floor thanks to stainless steel or nylon feet which are set back within the cubicle, whereas the wall fixture pillars are crafted from anodised aluminium.

Every single aspect of our HPL partition walls is designed for privacy and safety:

  • our doors are equipped with internal springs and a self-closing cam mechanism
  • our locking systems encompass a vacant/engaged indicator and an external emergency release feature
  • our cubicle fixture have an extruded, PVC profile to prevent any kind of accident that could occur.

Why Should You Choose A HPL Toilet Cubicle Partition?

Selecting an HPL toilet cubicle partition has several advantages in terms of hygiene, privacy and security.

Let’s delve into some benefits of this material.

  • High Pressure Laminate is extremely durable, making it the best choice to maintain public washroom facilities clean.
  • Due to the porous-free nature of HPL partitions, they can be easily sanitised, preventing bacterial and fungal growth.
  • They are highly sound insulated, so that personal space is always prioritised.
  • Being wear and tear resistant, colours remain vivid and the aesthetics of your toilet partition stays unaltered.
  • Every HPL toilet cubicle can be customised to integrate seamlessly in every environment, guaranteeing a discreet and sophisticated design at all times.

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Some Patentverwag’s Toilet Partition Models

Patentverwag has a vast offer of toilet partition models, designed to respond effectively to the specific needs of the market. Thanks to an accurate selection of materials, a specific know-how earned in years of perfecting products in terms of design, durability and innovation, we are now able to deliver models for each and every project.

For instance, with Super Syntec Cubicle we have reached a new level of awareness in terms of cleanliness and stability. The masterly use of 14-millimetre thick, solid grade HPL sheets, d0 and B-s1 certified, ensure the durability of this cubicle wall. Additionally, for extra safety, we have underscored a co-extruded, soft PVC doorstop profile in order to prevent accidents.

With the Junior Partition series, we wanted to emphasize the power of simplicity, making this product ideal for children washrooms. They can endure the harshest conditions in terms of humidity due to its HPL structure. Anodised aluminium outlines the panel’s shape, securing it firmly to the floor and the wall. As a result, the overall structure is perfectly enhanced.

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