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Grandstand Bleachers

Whether you’re seeking fixed or telescopic grandstand bleachers, padded, upholstered, or with a lowered backrest, turn to Patentverwag to bring your project to life, enhancing any environment with quality products.

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The features of telescopic grandstand

Sporting venues require grandstand bleachers that allow spectators to comfortably enjoy events.

Telescopic grandstands can be extended or retracted according to the available space, offering a functional and enjoyable seating experience. This makes them an excellent choice for projects without a fixed layout, adapting as frequently as needed.

The key features of Patentverwag's telescopic grandstands include:

  • A retractable structure and parallel sliding of the trolleyswithout friction, allowing for versatile configuration changes while maximising space utilisation;
  • Welded fixings, eliminating potential issues and enhancing the structure's strength;
  • Construction using high-quality materials for increased solidity and durability;
  • Equipped with safe and reliable locking systems;
  • Meticulously designed from both ergonomic and aesthetic perspectives.

Portable Fixed Grandstands by Patentverwag

Portable fixed grandstands are ideal for smaller venues, accommodating up to 300 people. Unlike telescopic grandstand bleachers, they are designed for permanent installation without altering the seating arrangement.

Patentverwag stands out for the versatile structure of its projects and the modular nature of its grandstand bleachers. Although fixed, these grandstands can be easily dismantled and moved, offering a perfect solution for seasonal events or spaces requiring flexible configurations.

Safety of the spectators is always a priority. This is the reason why Patentverwag commits to providing long-lasting, reliable, and durable grandstand bleachers, resistant to wear and corrosion, thanks to high-quality materials.

Seat Comfort and Sustainability with Patentverwag Grandstand Bleachers

A key element in creating comfortable grandstand bleachers is the seat. For this reason, Patentverwag offers a wide range of seating options to enhance the spectator experience.

Eco Seats for Grandstands Bleachers

The Eco Grandstand Seat features a lowered backrest of 32 cm. It is the perfect solution for setting up sports grandstands. The seat is made from copolymer polypropylene, with UV treatment to maintain the bright colour of the seats over time. Elliptical slits on the surface aid in the drainage of wash and rainwater.

Patentverwag always prioritises safety. Hence, the Eco seats for grandstands are fire-retardant (class 1) and comply with current safety standards. Their sturdiness and resistance to mechanical stresses are confirmed by tests in line with EN 12727/00 regulations.

The bright colours and glossy surface add to the minimalist elegance of the seating.

Grandstand Seat with 11 cm High Back

Unlike the Eco seats, this model has an 11-cm lowered backrest.

For creating grandstand bleachers with a stable structure, the seat is fixed at three points using nylon expansion plugs and stainless steel screws:

  • two on the seat surface;
  • one on the front rib to prevent vandalism.

The Grandstand Seat with 11-cm High Back does not have a metal support frame. It meets all legal safety requirements whilst being functional and versatile.