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Grandstand Seat

Host unforgettable events in stadiums and swimming pools thanks to the soft and comfortable grandstand seats lines by Patentverwag. Discover the functionality, durability, and safety of our products and find the ideal solution to transform the aesthetics of your spaces.

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The Features Of Grandstand Stadium Seating

Finding grandstand stadium seats matching comfort and durability standards is a challenging task. The audience is looking for a space with an appealing aesthetics and ergonomic seats while sports facility managers seek for functional, resistant seating.

Uncomfortable seats that wear out easily and do not provide optimal visibility can pose a problem. Therefore, meeting fans' needs with suitable grandstand stadium seating that fully cater to their requirements becomes crucial.

This is why the seats engineered by Patentverwag come in various heights (from 5 to 32 cm) to ensure a clear visibility of the field and the teams' actions as if you were seated in the front row. Furthermore, the backrest offers proper lumbar and back support, ensuring optimal comfort. Each model of our range is coated with a special anti-UV treatment to maintain the aesthetics of the seats, even when they are particularly exposed to harsh weather conditions.

What are the most common materials used in the construction of grandstand seats?

When designing a grandstand seat, the choice of the material is crucial. Let's explore the most popular materials and why they are favoured.

Polypropylene Copolymer

It is a thermoplastic material resistant to corrosion and rust. Patentverwag uses this special type of plastic for the manufacture of all our seats for grandstands.

To further enhance the products durability, a UV-resistant coating is applied on the surface to prevent ultraviolet rays from fading the colour. Additionally, a system of elliptic slits allows rainwater to be easily dispersed, ensuring the structure's integrity both outdoor and indoor.


This is a lightweight metal capable of supporting significant loads. Thanks to these properties, it allows the creation of seats that are easy to move in settings requiring flexible configurations.

Moreover, aluminium naturally forms a thin layer of oxide on its surface. This distinctive feature makes it particularly suitable for outdoor installations, as it protects metal from corrosion. Finally, aluminium can be customised in terms of colours and textures to best fit the environment where the grandstand seats will be placed.

Recyclable Materials

In the last few years, the use of recycled and recyclable materials for the manufacturing of grandstand seats in sports facilities and stadiums has become increasingly popular. This approach ensures that seats are produced from the point of view of guaranteeing their sustainability without compromising quality and functionality. In this case, the aesthetics of the grandstand seat can be customised to seamlessly integrate into the environment, ensuring maximum comfort for the audience.

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Choose Patentverwag For The Customisation Of Your Sports Grandstand Seats

Patentverwag is a leading company in engineering and crafting perfectly balanced grandstand seating.

Our seats are Class 1 flame retardant. Also, they have been especially tested to ensure maximum degree of mechanical strength to stress, in accordance with the EN 12727/00 standard. Additionally, for an extra level of security against acts of vandalism, 3-4 anchor points are provided, depending on the model.

Another distinctive feature is the height of the backrest. Each seat is designed to offer the utmost support and seating comfort in any situation, ensuring clear visibility of the sporting event for the audience.


Choose Patentverwag for your grandstand seating needs! 

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