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HPL Sheet: resistant, versatile and hygienic

As resistant as stainless steel, as water repellant as laminate and with the versatility and design of aluminium: HPL sheet is the ideal material to manufacture any changing room locker or cubicle.

The secret behind this sophisticated material lies in its complex blend of cellulose fibre layers: whereas the entire process for standard laminate is carried out at ambient temperature at restricted pressure levels, HPL sheet is produced at considerably higher temperatures and pressures.

This is due to the particular composition of HPL which, unlike classic laminate, consists of layers of polymer resin-impregnated craft paper capable of thermosetting everything at high temperatures.

What’s the result? An extremely resistant, versatile and above all durable, latest generation laminate.



The most interesting aspect is that natural variations in temperature and humidity do not compromise HPL sheet stability. They have no effect on the aspect of the panel, which undergoes only a moderate change in size, which becomes completely irrelevant if the surrounding environment is adequately air-conditioned.

The thermosetting treatment and high pressure assembly process, in particular, guarantee the HPL sheet has excellent properties to resist wear and tear and stresses: this surprising material easily absorbs tensile movement, compression, bending and impacts.

The same characteristic makes it especially resistant as regards anchoring fixtures.

Lastly, as both the internal (load bearing) and external (protective) layers are resin-impregnated, HPL sheet has also proved to be highly water, humidity and chemical resistant in general.



Thanks to the excellent properties listed above, it is no surprise that HPL is successfully used in numerous modern furnishings.

From kitchens to furniture, this material proves particularly effective where excellent robustness and a winning design are required at the same time. An ideal example is where HPL is used in almost all furnishing accessories in gym or leisure centre changing rooms, such as shower cubicles, partition walls and lockers.

Its excellent lifespan also makes it ideal to produce school lockers.

We mustn’t forget that it is used in hospitals and healthcare facilities, as it is so hygienic and easy to clean.