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Olympic Diving Boards

Engineered for performance, Patentverwag diving boards are compliant with the rigorous standard of the Olympic committee in order to ensure the maximum leap precision. Discover our whole range of diving blocks for swimming pools.

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A New Diving Experience

Diving boards are an essential component of a swimming pool. But this is not it. In fact, they are also an indispensable tool in Olympic water specialities, where athletes are engaged in making the best possible leap from variable heights.

In order to craft blocks that can stand the test of time and the aggressive agents that inhabit a swimming pool, Patentverwag has developed a 1-metre and a 3-metre-high solutions which feature:

  • A 5-6-millimetre-thick fibreglass layer to make every dive impeccable.
  • A reinforced core with five strips of 42-millimetre-think, Swedish pine.
  • A white anti-slip tread to ensure the safety of the athlete during the Olympic performance.
  • An AISI 304 stainless steel stand, handrails and ladders for the utmost durability and aligned with the FINA standards.
  • An ABS non-slip tread for secure ascent.

The Olympic Standards Required For Diving Boards

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has set a series of standards for Olympic facilities, including design and safety guidelines for diving boards.

Firstly, blocks must be constructed putting undivided attention to materials’ selection. They need to be corrosion resistant, especially to chlorine and other pool chemicals, and durable. Another relevant feature is related to the surface that needs to be uniform and non-slip to ensure the athletes’ safety.

The board length, width, and thickness are important specifications to adhere to. Diving boards are typically 4.8-metre long.

As for flexibility, the block should comply with a certain spring or bend, which is crucial for Olympic divers to achieve the exact height and rotation required for a perfect execution.

The pool diving blocks should be regulated with springboards, often set at 1-metre and 3-metre above the water. Additionally, the top surface of the diving board must have a non-slip texture to prevent accidents.

The Advantages of Patentverwag Diving Blocks For Swimming Pool

Make every dive count with the Patentverwag diving board. This indispensable piece of swimming pool equipment will accompany the athletes throughout the entire execution of their leap, ensuring unparalleled reliability and safety.

Since 1971, Patentverwag has been committed to accuracy in every stage of each project. The selection of certified materials such as the AISI 304 stainless steel and the intrinsic functionality of our Olympic diving boards ensures the best possible performance of the divers whilst complying with the FINA rigorous standards for swimming pool facilities.

Our pool diving blocks are built with the athletes' needs in mind. Patentverwag solutions support every Olympic leap, making quality meet safety in the creation of the best possible board whilst protecting divers from slipping and falling.


Your next Olympic performance will be winning with Patentverwag diving boards!

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