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Pool Lane Lines

If you are looking for the perfect pool lane lines, here you can explore the best solutions by Patentverwag.

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Swimming pool lane lines 

Our wide range of swimming pool accessories includes lane lines as well. They have been designed to reach the highest innovation and quality, and this guarantees the reliability of our products.

Our wave breaking lane lines have been improved over time, becoming one of the most valuable Patentverwag’s solutions.

Every pool lane line is available in different diameters and sizes. They consist of discs and floats moulded in polypropylene with special anti-UV additives. As a result, these products are highly resistant to light and cleaning products, seamless, indestructible, and safe as it prevents hand injuries upon impact. Last, but not least, their removal is effortless.

Competitive swimming lane lines



During a swimming competition, it is important to separate each lane to monitor each athlete’s progress and determine the final result.

For this reason, Patentverwag has designed Comp/S swimming pool lane lines, a rope characterised by its floats, specifically designed for this purpose. Every section is perfectly intertwined thanks to a toothed segmented perimeter, giving continuity to the entire rope.

In this way, the pool lane lines do not incur the risk of breakages during maintenance operations and they protect swimmers from hand injuries, as they do not present any sharp edges.

This product is available in three different diameters and the colours may vary based on your needs whilst respecting sports regulations guidelines.

25 yard pool lane lines

If you want to cover the whole length of your 25-yard swimming pool lane lines, Patentverwag has the right accessories for you.

ANTI/O anti-wave pool lane lines


The ANTI/O anti-wave pool lane lines are a popular choice for swimming pools worldwide. They have a seamless wave-breaking effect and they come in different sizes, lengths and diameters to meet each customer’s needs . Its vibrant colours can be customised to ensure the best possible visual impact.

NO-Wave swimming pool lane lines


The NO-Wave swimming pool lane lines consist of wave-breaking floats with an unusual shape. Unlike the traditional floating discs we used to see as pool lane lines, this product disrupts the usual conception of swimming ropes, pointing at the aesthetic impact of this swimming pool lane line. NO-Wave is available in different sizes and colours, based on your needs.