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Swimming Pool Ladders

For easy and secure access to your pool, choose Patentverwag’s comprehensive range of stainless steel swimming pool ladders. Designed to withstand both external and internal corrosive agents, our products offer an optimal solution for every type of pool.

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Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Ladder: How To Choose

If you are looking for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for your swimming pool ladder, discover Patentverwag's stainless steel range. Browse our catalogue, select the type that best suits your needs, and make pool access safer.

What features can make a difference in choosing a ladder?

  • The use of high-quality stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and resistance to external environmental agents and other corrosive chemicals.
  • Anti-slip steps and ergonomic handles enhance ease of entry and exit from the pool for an increased accessibility.
  • Installation and maintenance operations should be straightforward to facilitate regular cleaning of the ladder.
  • Compatibility with the type of pool (traditional, with external or internal overflow) for perfect adherence to the edge.
  • The option to customise the swimming pool ladder by choosing the number of steps or additional accessories to adapt it to different situations and contexts.

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How Do Anchors Work?

Anchor systems are crucial elements that secure the swimming pool ladder firmly to the pool edge, preventing lateral or vertical movements, thus avoiding falls and accidents.

For this reason, Patentverwag offers a range of safe and sturdy models.

  • The anchor base with bar is perfect for vertical wall applications, allowing the fixing hook to be housed in a protected cavity.
  • In the case of the anchor base with bar and gasket, the ladder is waterproof for swimming pools with a liner.
  • Finally, the anchor base with a plate is suitable for swimming pools with an overflow edge.

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Patentverwag's Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Ladders

For years, Patentverwag has been dedicated to offering solutions that are not only ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing but also safe and versatile.

The Easy Way swimming pool ladder model features five steps with anti-slip ABS treads, avoiding the need for screw fixing and ensuring the safety of swimmers. It is particularly resistant to mechanical stresses, and it is available for pools with external, internal or traditional deck overflow.

The Olympic swimming pool ladder presents an AISI 316 stainless steel tubular structure. The number of steps varies (from two to five). Moreover, the asymmetry of the handrails prevents users from adopting dangerous postures. The bayonet anchor bases are adjustable through stainless steel feet with a rubber base and can be easily removed for maintenance operations.

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