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A180IB Industrial Changing room locker

The A180IB changing room locker is part of the INDUSTRIAL locker line. It features a sloping top and a clean/dirty partition. This changing room locker guarantees maximum possible hygiene, an essential requisite for changing rooms in food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and Residential Care Homes.
All Patentverwag lockers are made of HPL sheet, with anodised aluminium support structures that guarantee not only incredible resistance to withstand constant cleaning with detergents, disinfectants and steam and water jets, but also an almost unlimited lifespan, even in very wet environments.
The doors are available in a wide range of colours and are made of solid grade HPL sheet. The white carcass is also made of HPL.
Standard locks: with key or padlock.
Optional locks: with mechanical or electronic combination, with chip/coin or made to order.

Product code: A180IB



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