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Stainless steel table

Stainless steel table

The stainless steel tables in the AX Series are manufactured in four different sizes, studied for a wide variety of requirements.
They range from a table top measuring 65 x 65 cm to the top measuring 80 x 80 cm and the version measuring 105 x 105 cm, up to the rectangular table top measuring 70 x 130 cm for six people.
The load bearing structure is made of stainless steel, designed to eliminate all sharp corners users can see or touch.
It has rubber feet, one of which is adjustable to instantly level it correctly.
The table top has a milled edge and is made of solid grade HPL sheet, a practically indestructible material, which is class 1 self-extinguishing, resistant to water, humidity and the chemicals used for cleaning.

Product code: tv inox



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