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Our offers for different sectors

The solutions using Patentverwag fittings and accessories are designed to meet all the requests from the world of sport, businesses, wellness, healthcare and schools.

Changing room lockers, benches, swimming pool accessories, doors and partitions, canteen tables and chairs, stadium grandstands, stadium seating, stadium shell seats. A truly wide range of products, with bespoke sizes, colours and finishes.

Solutions created with minute attention to their design, using innovative, permanently stable materials requiring minimal maintenance. Patentverwag solutions are perfect for all community spaces.

Industrial changing room lockers and fittings

Fittings for businesses

Fitting out a changing room for an industry means Patentverwag has to think not only of the needs of the company, but also of those of the users to help them calmly make the most of the changing room. This is why changing room lockers, benches and all the fittings not only need to be practical, but also attention has to be paid to their design, colours and finishes. They are made of HPL sheet, anodised aluminium and stainless steel to ensure they are durable, resistant, robust, easy to disinfect and reasonably priced.

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Swimming Pools

Changing Room Lockers and Accessories for Swimming Pools

Solutions for Swimming Pools

When Patentwag equips and fits out a swimming pool, it uses safe, reliable fittings and accessories.  Safety and resistance are the main features the company is constantly researching. Patentverwag’s objective is to support swimming pool operators and help young and old, amateur and competitive swimmers enjoy themselves and relax more.

Pool edge grating, changing room lockers, lane markers, pool ladders, grab handles, anchor fixtures, diving boards, starting blocks and movable walls have been studied down to the tiniest detail and made of materials such as HPL sheet, polyethylene and stainless steel that guarantee their resistance to humidity, chemicals and steam.

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Seats and Stadium Grandstand Changing Room Fittings

Sports sector solutions

From its first appearance on the market, Patentverwag has geared its business to the sports sector by designing and producing specific solutions.  Indoor and outdoor stadiums, small and large gyms and leisure centres are the places where you might find Patentverwag stadium seats, telescopic or fixed grandstands, changing room lockers, partitions, shower and WC cubicles.

Modular, durable, easy-to-clean solutions made using self-extinguishing materials to make venues safe and comfortable for those who use them.

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Changing room lockers and solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare furnishings

Patentverwag has always met the needs of healthcare facilities that have to equip changing rooms where the focus is on fittings that are safe and above all easy to clean and disinifect.  The Patentverwag line of changing room lockers and benches are manufactured with certified, antibacterial, self-extinguishing and permanently stable materials: HPL sheet, anodised aluminium and stainless steel. The changing room benches have also been ergonomically designed to make the changing room more comfortable.

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Changing room furniture for Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness Solutions

Patentverwag, thanks to its wide range of lockers, changing room benches, partitions and other furnishing elements, is able to make the changing rooms of high-level Spas, Wellness and Gyms elegant, welcoming, extremely comfortable. The solutions proposed by Patentverwag are distinguished by the possibility of customizing colors and finishes and in addition to being resistant and easy to sanitize, they are treated in detail with a design that enhances their aesthetics, making them harmonious with style and placement environment.

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Spa & Wellness


Lockers for schools and universities

School Furnishings

Patentverwag has designed and produced furnishings for schools, from nurseries to universities, with an eye to the users in an attempt to find the right balance between their needs and those of the customer.  Study areas, corridors, offices and classrooms, university accommodation, toilets and changing rooms can all be fitted with modular lockers available with various locks, partitions and shower-WC cubicles with different types of handles, all made of HPL sheet, anodised aluminium and stainless steel. What’s our objective? To guarantee safety, privacy and peace of mind for those who have to leave their PC, bags and books, without forgetting durability, easy cleaning and sanitising.

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If you have to fit out a changing room or a canteen, install a grandstand with shell seats or chairs, equip a swimming pool with a whole series of accessories, get in touch with Patentverwag and we will quickly respond to your request.