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Do you want to equip a
Swimming pool with safe,
reliable solutions?

Choose Patentverwag quality!

Our numbers are always proof of top quality products: 20,000 metres of lane markers per year, 30,000 metres of pool edge grating, 600-700 starting blocks, hundreds of ladders, dozens of Olympic diving boards, without counting lane anchor fixtures, turning and false start indicators. Patentverwag swimming pool accessories are the result of constant research to improve safety and durability without forgetting aesthetics.

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Swimming pool grating
Ladders and Grabrails
Swimming pool lanes and anchor fixtures
Starting Blocks

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    Swimming pool grating

    Are you looking for safe, practical pool grating? Look no further than Patentverwag. Grating for raised or deck level swimming pools, the range of pool edge grating is extensive. We have four types: grating for rigid panel pools, grating with mesh parallel to the pool edge, grating for curves that can be rolled up. Countless models, all reliable.

    Which is Patentverwag’s flagship product? The CRX pool grating line: a grating for curves with interlocking, toothed mesh. This grating for either a raised or deck level pool is aesthetically pleasing and features a wave breaker effect to calm the wave movement that forms in the pool. It provides a comfortable, highly anti-slip tread and curves to fit.

    Thanks to the latter feature, CRX pool grating adapts to even the most creatively shaped swimming pool perimeter.  Patentverwag pool grating can also be made to measure in bespoke colours.

    Discover some of our Swimming Pool Grating

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    Swimming Pool Ladders and Grabrails

    The different types of Patentverwag swimming pool ladders are designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements.

    Excellent mechanical strength, well-designed and made of top quality materials are the general features that make our lines so distinctive.  Patentverwag can provide a pool ladder for every specific layout. Do you need it for a public, olympic swimming pool? Models range from 3 steps upwards with 45mm and 2 mm-thick uprights, reinforced ABS steps, an extremely effective, very easy to clean surface, an embedding system to pool edges with floor masonry, asymmetrical grabrails, one higher than the other to prevent children swinging on them and falling on the pool edge.

    If the pool ladders are to be used for a private pool, we offer Easyway ladders. These models have the same basic specifications as ladders for olympic pools, but with technical devices to keep down prices.

    Discover some of our Swimming Pool Ladders

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    Swimming starting blocks

    Do you need to equip a swimming pool with safe starting blocks? Patentverwag is market leader for swimming pool accessories and has always taken centre stage in developing starting blocks. The footboard has evolved from a simple fibreglass rectangle into a sophisticated, printed ABS version with a clearly marked, anti-slip tread for the athlete to get into position and dive into the pool. Patentverwag has not only ensured it is practical, safe, durable and compliant with legislation, it has also taken great care with its aesthetic design.

    We provide our customers with basically two types of starting blocks. The “low” type installed on the head wall and the “high” type anchored to the deck level around the pool and which can be accessorised during a competition with the “turning panel” for competitors.

    The “high” version starting blocks have a detachable step with a anti-slip tread to help the athlete get on to the block. Lastly, Patentverwag has equipped the footboard with not only an adjustable, stainless steel support to enable it to be correctly installed on the pool edge, but also an adjustable heel rest to be used during competitions.

    Discover some of our Starting Blocks

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    Swimming pool lanes and anchor fixtures

    To complete your swimming pool accessories with lane markers, you can trust Patentverwag’s quality, as it is leader in proposing innovative solutions, the quality of which far outweighs other wave breaker lane ropes on the market. The various types of wave breaker lane ropes have developed in design over time and have finally achieved Patentverwag’s “mainstay” solution.

    This is the very popular line in the COM/S series, which we currently manufacture in three different sizes with a diameter of 9, 11 and 15 cm. These wave breaker lane ropes consist of discs with flaps and a perimeter consisting of toothed segments so they can be interlocked. What’s the end result?

    A seamless wave break lane rope, which makes it pratically indestructible, avoids hand injuries if hit and can easily be removed from the pool and quickly unwound from the reel.  Completing the product range are another 2 lane lines, a series of stainless steel tensioners or anchor fixtures, essential accessories for wave breaker lane ropes and various reels and trolleys to roll up lane markers.

    Discover some of our Swimming Pool Lanes

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    Why choose Patentverwag
    swimming pool accessories?

    A wide range

    You are certain to find everything you need to equip your swimming pool with Patentverwag’s complete, extensive range of products: swimming pool grating, ladders and grabrails, starting blocks, turning panels, turning and false start indicators, anchor fixtures, tensioners, reels and trolleys to wind up lane markers.

    Compliant Products

    If you have to equip a public or olympic swimming pool where competitions can be held, by choosing Patentverwag swimming pool accessories you are certain to get products and solutions that comply with an extensive series of FIN and FINA regulations, which must be strictly followed to protect athletes’ health.

    Extensive experience

    Patentverwag swimming pool accessories, from its line markers to pool edge grating, from the ladders to the starting blocks, have all become unique over time, thanks to its extensive experience acquired in the field, and its continual testing of solutions, which have then proved to be innovative and always one step ahead of what the market has to offer at the time.

    Prompt assistance

    Patentverwag definitely gives you peace of mind in having found a firm that listens to its customers, responds promptly to requests, reliably provides the best advice depending on your requirements and scrupulously guarantees prompt shipment and on-site assistance.

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