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Junior Cubicles

Junior Cubicles

The modular walls and cubicles in the Junior series are suitable for use in pre-schools. They are made of extremely strong, robust sheets of solid grade HPL (High Pressure Laminate) with an upper, 14mm-thick, accident-prevention edge (certified B-s1, d0), the ideal material to resist water, steam and chemicals.
The panels are raised above the floor on natural, anodised aluminium and nylon feet.
The wall fixture support structures are also made of anodised aluminium.
The lock-free doors are opened by a knob. The hinges have adjustable, internal springs with self-closing cam to shut the door and always keep the room tidy.
The cubicle fixtures have an extruded, soft, PVC, accident-prevention profile and a stiff/soft coextruded doorstop.

Product code: BOX-JUNIOR



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Altezza massima pannello 210 mm, Larghezza e profondità: a progetto


Azzurro, Bianco, Grigio, Sabbia, Su richiesta del committente è possibile produrre le pareti in un colore particolare.


Disponibile in Nylon con dispositivo L/O azionabile dall’esterno in caso di emergenza o tipo Expo in acciaio inox


School and Community


Partition walls for cabins / boxes

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