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Telescopic Grandstands

The Telescopic Grandstands are an excellent choice when the location needs to be used for different events or to alternate training sessions and competitions.
PATENTVERWAG Telescopic Grandstands are designed and manufactured  with the primary aim  to operate perfectly over time.
This is ensured by:

  • Perfectly smooth-running dollies and with minimum friction between them
  • Dollies moving perfectly parallel, to stop the grandstand from seizing and accidentally locking
  • Row locking system to block the dollies when the grandstand is open to prevent accidental closure.
  • Crossed tension rod wind-bracing, which guarantees uprights are perfectly parallel under any load condition.
  • A load bearing structure as rigid as possible, by eliminating any weak points, using welding rather than inserting nuts and bolts.
  • Preparation for motor to drive opening and closing
  • Possible anchoring to the ground either permanently or temporarily or anchoring to the wall.
Product code: trb tls



Additional information

Dimensions 47 × 47 × 36 cm

Pool, School and Community, Sport / Fitness


Seats for telescopic grandstands, Telescopic grandstands

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