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Changing room lockers: specifications, uses and applicable law

From companies to gyms, from swimming pools to spas and wellness centres, changing room lockers are fittings that can adapt to any sector.

Compared to normal household cupboards, they are made of especially robust, stress resistant materials and must comply with the legal requisites.


Changing room locker specifications

With a depth ranging from 30 to 50 cm, changing room lockers can be made of various materials, such as aluminium, laminate, stainless steel or the more modern HPL sheet, to guarantee maximum water, humidity and even chemical resistance.

With fully bespoke colours, thanks to infinite modular combinations and bespoke sizes, our changing room lockers adapt to any kind of venue and use.


Changing room lockers: applicable law

As regards changing room lockers and the applicable law, the majority of questions are based mainly on one fundamental aspect: what are the regulatory size restrictions for my locker?

Luckily, a quick look at the legislation will explain that there is no specific size range to establish whether a locker is compliant. Therefore all sizes are equally acceptable, provided the locker is big enough to hold the user’s bag and clothes.

Special attention, however, is paid to the user’s privacy: each locker must have a closing mechanism, although it does not specify whether this should be a padlock, manual or electronic lock.


The different uses for changing room lockers

Clean lines and resistant materials ensure that changing room lockers can easily be used in very diverse environments.

A number of bespoke solutions with different size and colour combinations ensures changing room lockers are sufficiently robust for use not only in schools, but also in wellness centres, where the design of the most recent versions make them the ideal solution.

Often made using certified, anti-bacterial, self-extinguishing, inalterable materials, changing room lockers are perfectly compatible with hospital requirements for hygiene.