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Do you want to install a safe
grandstand with practical,
comfortable seats or VIP chairs?

Choose Patentverwag quality!

Over 300,000 grandstand seats installed, over 200 fixed and telescopic grandstands manufactured. Telescopic grandstands with up to 2,000 seats and 14 rows of spectator terraces. These are just a few of the numbers that qualify Patentverwag as the ideal partner to install grandstands for stadiums, sports centres, gyms, theatres, libraries and cinemas.

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Portable Fixed
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    Telescopic Grandstands

    If you need a structure that can be opened quickly to seat a large public and then closed and left to take up a very small space against the back wall of the room, then Patentverwag Telescopic Grandstands are the optimum choice. The venue can then be used to host different events or to alternate training sessions and competitions. The structures of these smaller “prefabricated grandstands” are normally opened and closed manually.

    The larger structures, on the other hand, are motorised and Patentverwag has manufactured different versions with up to two thousand seats and up to fourteen automatically moved rows of spectator terraces. Patentverwag Telescopic Grandstands are designed to be equipped with a wide assortment of seating. It ranges from a simple, extruded aluminium bench to backless seats, from seat shells with tip-up or fixed backs to plain or padded VIP chairs.

    A range of solutions which enable use of the telescopic grandstand to be optimised and make it suitable for its intended use. Patentverwag Telescopic Grandstands are all manufactured with certified, self-extinguishing materials and feature first class finishes, which make maintenance almost unnecessary for at least 10-15 years.

    Discover some of our solutions

    Discover all our Telescopic Grandstands Contact us

    Portable Fixed Grandstands

    Do you need to seat a public of 150-300 people for sports events in an all-purpose gym? Do you need to get the space back at the end of the event for your usual user programmes at the centre? Do you frequently need to move the stands?

    Patentverwag fixed, portable grandstands are the perfect answer to solve the problems of all-purpose gyms, even when investments are tight or there is no room to install a telescopic grandstand. These slimline structures are easily moved and “storable”, thanks in part to having swivel wheels and modular units that can be combined or modified with the addition of steps, seat backs, handrails and gangways.

    The fixed, portable stands can be equipped with different types of seats: with or without backs, with lower backrests, alternative solutions for comfort and costs. Patentverwag fixed, portable stands can be manufactured with electro-welded steel pipes and painted with epoxy resins, finished with anodised aluminium support structures, robust, self-extinguishing, class 1 certified materials in compliance with current safety regulations.

    Discover some of our fixed grandstands

    Discover some of our fixed grandstands Contact us

    Grandstand Seats and VIP chairs

    Do you want to install a grandstand in a stadium, sports centre, gym, theatre, library or cinema with comfortable, practical seats? Patentverwag solutions are perfect. Patentverwag actually began its business activity by manufacturing self-extinguishing seats and is currently the number one market leader. Customers can choose from a series of lines, which meet the most varied requirements.

    Spectator terrace seating, seats with a back or tip-up seats, VIP chairs that can be installed in the stalls or on the terraces: a wide range that is also suitable for accessorising fixed, prefabricated and telescopic grandstands. Some models are designed to be placed together to form continual benches that can be used to replace traditional, wooden or aluminium benches in telescopic grandstands. Other models are made especially for telescopic grandstands, even though they can also be used on brick masonry terraces or fixed metal grandstands.

    Lastly, Patentverwag’s top range VIP seats provide a breath of sophistication and are used for prestigious installations in meeting rooms, theatre auditoriums and university lecture halls. What materials are used to manufacture them? Thermoplastics, polyurethane foam and fabrics in various colours are all self-extinguishing Class 1 certified materials.

    Discover some of our solutions

    Discover all our Seats and VIP Chairs Contact us

    Why choose Patentverwag seats,
    VIP chairs and grandstands?

    An extensive range

    If you trust Patentverwag, you know you’ll get the most practical equipment to install in your grandstand. Our range of proposals to equip fixed telescopic grandstands is extensive, as is the range of grandstand seats, stadium seats, tip-up seats, and VIP theatre or cinema chairs, in different sizes, finishes and levels of comfort.

    Top quality materials

    If you choose Patentverwag Telescopic Grandstannds, Fixed Grandstands, grandstand seats or VIP chairs you know top quality materials have been used. Thermoplastics, polyurethane foam and fabrics in various colours are all self-extinguishing Class 1 certified materials.  As are the self-extinguishing, class 1 certified, electro-welded, epoxy resin painted, steel pipes and anodised aluminium support structures.

    Global testimonials

    Over 60,000 telescopic grandstand seats, over 300,000 seats on fixed grandstands and over 200 fixed and telescopic grandstands manufactured. Hundreds of prestigious projects completed in Europe and world wide and just to mention one of them, the San Siro Stadium in Milan. Trust Patentverwag and you get a top leader’s guarantee.

    Project Design and Assistance

    Prompt deliveries, state-of-the-art assembly and continual post-sales assistance. Patentverwag has always been a partner that focuses on its customers’ needs, prompt to respond to requests, reliable in providing the best project design and scrupulous in guaranteeing on-site support.

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