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Double Light Changing Room Bench

Double Light Changing Room Bench

The Light changing room benches feature a slatted seat, designed to keep costs down without compromising the stylish design, comfort and resistance.
The ribbed aluminium support structures inside guarantee excellent load resistance.
The brightly coloured insert in the seat (and in the back and coat stand) ensure the accessory can be coordinated with the rest of the fittings.
The long lifespan of the changing room bench is guaranteed by its resistant, rust-proof materials, such as anodised aluminium, HPL sheet and nylon.
The modular elements enable structures to be linked in response to any requirement, starting from the simple seat to the double backed changing room bench complete with coat hooks, bag and shoe compartments.
The use of flame retardant, non-allergenic materials and a design which prevents the accumulation of water, dust and dirt, guarantee the changing room benches are safe and hygienic

Product code: LIGHT Dpp



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