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Olympic ladder for internal deck overflow Swimming Pool

Patentverwag swimming pool ladders in the  Olympic line for internal deck level pools are built using an AISI 316 stainless steel tubular structure and range from two, three, four or five steps.
One of the main features are the two cutting-edge, asymmetric grab rails, designed to avoid people using them as a backrest to swing from, and the stainless steel reinforcement between the anchor base and upright hanging over the deck level channel ensures additional stability and resistance.
The modular, ABS pool ladder steps are assembled on a tubular steel frame. This system is easy and cost effective to replace if it should break.
Patentverwag swimming pool ladders are anchored to the floor using bayonet anchor bases and can be adjusted using the stainless steel feet with rubber base, which can easily be removed for maintenance work.

Product code: oli brd sf int



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