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Changing Room Lockers For Employees

Have you ever wished to have just the right space to put all of your belongings before going to work? With Patentverwag lockers’ solutions for employees, you can count on safe and hygienic changing rooms for a better working experience.

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What Are The Must-Have Features Of Workplace Lockers?

When selecting the lockers for your employees, there are some core aspects you need to consider in order to ensure the comfort and safety of this particular space.

These are some key features you should always search for in a changing room workplace locker.

  • A sloping top and a clean/dirty partition help you keep the external and internal structure perfectly sanitised.
  • Choose a corrosion-resistant material for your office furniture. HPL sheets with anodised aluminium supports are ideal in contexts where lockers must be always cleaned with specific disinfectants, steam and water jets. A solid structure is crucial to extend the lifespan of your furnishing.
  • Another hot topic is safety, as employees leave their belongings in lockers for hours, from the beginning of their working day until the end of your shift. Thus, the choice between a standard key or padlock solution to close it hermetically becomes essential. Thanks to modern combination locks, you can select whether you prefer to use a chip rather than a coin to make the mechanism work. However, padlock you may opt for, your personal objects will be kept inside as if they were a precious treasure.

All these characteristics guarantee the integrity and durability of the furnishing of your changing room, providing a safe and relaxing environment for your workers to be after a long day of unwavering activity.

The Right Proportions To Design Outstanding Office Lockers

Proportions are an integral part of the designing process for a workplace changing room. Size must go along with functionality to ensure a perfect space management that will lead to the full satisfaction of users.

Usually, a well-balanced locker for employees should be tall enough to accommodate hanging garments. The ideal height is around 180 cm with a 30-cm width for the storage of bags and personal items.

Depth should not be underestimated, as it is instrumental to outline the profile of this piece of furniture and set the style of the whole office. In order to put shoes easily and store them inside the locker, the ideal measurement is approximately 50 cm.

The organisation of every furnishing contributes to creating a spacious changing room where every component is designed to enhance the well-being of employees that can make the most out of a tailored locker.

Patentverwag Is The Perfect Worker Locker Manufacturer For Your Next Project

Patentverwag is a trustworthy partner for your changing room design. Being a leading office locker manufacturer since 1971, crafting bespoke pieces of furniture for employees has become a mission in the pursuit of the best possible place to relax before and after work.

We have earned a deep understanding of the finest materials to select during the initial phases of a project, and we have learned through experience how to settle the most pleasant environment. Furnishing is not just an object to display in a certain location, but it plays a crucial role in the daily lives of workers. Staff lockers must tell their own, unique story.

Choosing Patentverwag, you will select:

  • Made in Italy locker manufacturer;
  • high-quality standards;
  • the utmost hygiene of every workplace locker;
  • impeccable proportions.

Would you like to know more about our locker solutions for employees?

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